Last meeting, we were given a brief overview on the different marketing strategies used by companies to make consumers buy their products. One strategy that we discussed was the image pricing strategy, wherein companies set cost to create a certain image of a product. One good example of this would be Apple’s Macintosh. Sleek, posh, expensive. This was the image that Apple wanted to project. According to an article that I’ve read before in PC Buyer’s Guide, Mac OS is much more stable than Microsoft’s Windows. But despite Mac’s super specs and ultra mod and stylish design, people would still opt to buy a non-Mac computer with Windows as its OS. What could be the reason for this? Maybe because almost all software are supported by Windows. (I think?) Windows is also more common and more user-friendly than Mac. Last weekend, I happened to drop by Power Mac Center in MOA. Their white 20+ inch flat screen monitor never fails to grab my attention and so I entered the store. When I saw their price list, I was surprised because the prices of their Macbooks are relatively the same as non-Mac laptops. The Power Mac Center guy told us that they even offer discounts. This is probably another marketing strategy by Apple to attract more consumers to buy their products. Indeed, marketing plays a big role in the tech world. The success of a product depends on its price, performance, and packaging (image).

-michelle a.Ă¼


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