1 vs. 100000

With the growing number of IT graduates each year, it’s quite surprising to know that only a few of these people are given good job opportunities. Good jobs, meaning, their degree matches their job. In short, IT related work. It’s just so sad to know that a lot of IT graduates fall as call center agents. What could be the reason for this? I think it would be the tough competition for IT jobs among graduates. Nowadays, if you’re not a graduate of UP, La Salle, or Ateneo, then it would be somewhat hard for you to land on a good job especially if you don’t have an impressive resume and transcript to back you up (unless you have connections). Well, in my opinion, even if you came from these top notch universitites, if you don’t have the right skills and attitude, then you won’t succeed, and this apply to other fields as well.

-michelle a.ü


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