Battle of the Search Engines (Google vs. Yahoo)

When it comes to search engines, there’s no doubt that Yahoo and Google tops the list. But what does Google have that Yahoo doesn’t have? Both search engines are fast, there’s no question about it. They are able to scan through millions or billions of web pages in split seconds. So speed is not really that relevant in the comparison. Is it the number of search results that they return? I don’t think so. Usually, people only look at the first page. Other people don’t bother to view beyond the third or fourth page (well except out of curiosity). All relevant links results are displayed at the beginning and as you turn the pages, chances of finding the desired result or information is quite slim. The relevance of results returned is basically the “battle ground” of these search engines. Other people say that even if both search engines return relevant results, it still shows that people still prefer Google over others.

I did a little research and I found out that Google seems to have taken more than half of the world market. This is quite evident since the term ‘google’ is now associated/synonymous to the word “search”. I for one have always associated Google with web searching and Yahoo with e-mail and IM. Yahoo search engine is definitely not as popular as Google, but if not for Yahoo, Google wouldn’t be as popular as it is now.

-michelle a.ü


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