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Fully Automated Test???

Computers have taken over many functions in our society that were once done manually. Since automation has been successful in many areas, does it follow that a software program should be solely used to test another software program? If you come to think of it, using an automated test program will basically avoid errors that humans usually make when they get tired, especially if what they are doing is something monotonous. In addition to this, biases are also eliminated since the one testing the application is a software not a human. Automating tests is a good idea but in my opinion, it will definitely not fully take over manual testing. How could it tell if the color combination or the font sucks for example? :p


Top Five (5) Common Misconceptions about I.T People

1. ALL I.T. ARE GOOD IN MATH. Logic is one of the key requirements to be able to survive in the I.T. industry but doing well in Math isn’t the only gauge to determine one’s ability to think logically.

2. ALL I.T. PEOPLE ARE GEEKS. I.T. people are often associated with thick glasses, and nerdy, unfashionable clothes.

3. ALL I.T. PEOPLE ARE ANTI-SOCIAL. Others think that I.T. people have no social life. On the contrary, I.T. people have to have good interpersonal skills to be able to communicate with their clients properly.

4. ALL I.T. PEOPLE ARE ECCENTRIC/ODD/WEIRD. Let’s just put it this way, I.T. people are creative and are not afraid to express themselves.

5. (IT PEOPLE == HACKERS). Not true.